Do we have to meet with you face to face?

I usually prefer to meet with couples at least once face to face so that they can get a sense of who I am. I have done some weddings where we have not met before the wedding at all. I can work on phone or Skype.

How long does it take to prep for the wedding?

I believe that I am helping you prepare for the marriage as well as the wedding. The ceremony takes a while to sort out the elements to include, especially if it is an interfaith wedding. I want to make sure that each bride and groom feel comfortable at their own wedding! If you want a very creative, out-of-the box wedding, then obviously this takes longer than a more traditional one. You chose you own pace. It usually takes from one to four sessions. I am here for you throughout the process.

Can anyone I want be in the wedding?

Absolutely, this is your wedding! Take time to think clearly about who guarantees you will be held safely and in love that day.

What if our faith and traditions are different?

Each couple is unique. In our meetings, I will help you tease out what is significant to represent you that day. My job is to “weave” it all together to make a beautiful ritual.

What makes you a unique rabbi?

I have been working with Jewish and interfaith couples my entire rabbinical career. My mission is to make young couples feel comfortable with Jewish practices, so I spend the time to explain everything if they are interested. On occasion, I also host Shabbat dinners and discussion groups for my wedding couples and you are invited. I’m also a composer and can lend my musical talents if you want. My range of styles is from formal to casual, I also make each wedding personal.

What are your fees?

Each couple is different; I work on a sliding scale to fit your budget.


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