Every couple deserves a perfect day, their dream wedding filled with love and hope for the future. The ritual of a wedding is a “portal in time” that creates a new life for the couple. This is the reason we spend many days—and sometimes much money—because we want the day to be absolutely perfect. The launch of a new life needs to be as smooth and as beautiful as possible to set the tone for a life of happiness.

My job as rabbi is to help a couple create a meaningful ceremony AND prepare them for a joyous marriage. I use the Jewish wedding ceremony template as a beginning point, for I assume it has some wisdom and has stood the test of time. I do explain everything along the way. Yet I know that each couple is different, and will add their own elements to make their wedding unique, often blending other traditions and ethnic legacies. I am always excited by the synergy of each couple's dynamics and the ceremony we create together.

During my years as a rabbi, I have met many couples and helped them start their new life together. I bring to the table my rabbinic training, my own marriage journey of over 25 years, and an open heart. I know its an exhilarating time, yet can also be overwhelming and stressful. The decisions a couple makes as they plan their wedding reflect the values they will share down the road. I am here to help clarify your vision for your life together AND to hold your hands through it all.

My belief is that weddings are soul-binding ceremonies. While we are busy running around making arrangements, the Holy One and the angels are working their magic to insure that these two souls that have met and fallen in love are karmically prepared to live together. My job as a ceremonialist is to make sure that everything is ready for this cosmic transformation.


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