A Jewish Wedding Checklist

I use the Jewish wedding ceremony template as a beginning point, for its wisdom over the test of time. Yet I know that each couple will add their own elements, often blending other traditions and ethnic legacies. I am always excited by the synergy of each couple's dynamics and the ceremony we create together.

  • Documents:
    • License
    • Ketubah
    • Cohabitation covenant
  • Witnesses for each document
  • Ketubah
    • With easel for displaying
    • Good pen or fine marker
  • Huppah with small table under it
  • Kiddush cups – 1, 2 or 3
  • Rings
  • Candles or any other additional ritual objects needed
  • Wine (preferably white)
  • Glass or light bulb
    • Wrapped for breaking
    • Or glass mezuzah kit

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